Why Read the Report?

This report outlines the changing patterns in people’s movement, based on visitation data, in response to social distancing. Insights in the report can form the basis for future projections and aid the decision-making process.


Cities Analyzed

  • New York and Seattle
  • London
  • Sydney and Melbourne
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Delhi and Mumbai

Here are some insights highlighted in the report :

  • Sydney and Melbourne show a higher drop in mobility than New York.
  • A lower drop in the density index for Singapore and Tokyo indicates high crowding at most places in March and April.
  • Tokyo shows the lowest drop in mobility indicating that stricter regulations need to be imposed to contain the spread.
  • Data shows that it takes ~3 weeks to see a 60% drop in the density post enforcement of social distancing. It can be inferred that Singapore and Tokyo will see a decline towards April-end if regulations are adhered to.