Not All Data Is Created Equal: 
The Science of Ensuring Quality and Transparency in Consumer Behavior Data

Not all consumer behavior data is created equally, and few providers possess the necessary expertise and advanced data science capabilities to deliver valuable insights consistently, leaving customers to face issues with data quality, usability, and transparency. 

This eBook explores how Azira's Consumer Behavior Data Intelligence platform addresses these challenges to instill confidence in decision-making. 


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In Not All Data Is Created Equal, we discuss how Azira's platform was built on three pillars:

Quality Data

ensure the highest quality
data is used to fuel and
train the models.

Privacy and

develop actionable insights
at any level of granularity
without compromising privacy.


use advanced techniques
to detect anomalies and
uncover hidden trends.

The State of Consumer Behavior Data

Data is essential for businesses, but becoming data-driven is challenging. Data accuracy and privacy compliance remain some of the biggest obstacles for companies looking to better understand their customers. Many organizations struggle to effectively apply data, resulting in missed opportunities and concerns about unreliable information. Additionally, data teams are often struggling with limited access to comprehensive data, fractured identities, and privacy-focused collection. Reliable and comprehensive solutions like Azira's are crucial for accurate insights and informed decision-making.

What should an organization look for in a data vendor?

Your team should work with a robust consumer behavior intelligence platform, one that emphasizes quality, privacy and artificial intelligence for data that key decision-makers can trust. 

What CRE Trends are Boosting Shopping Center Performance?

Based on the footfall insights across different types of shopping centers, we identified the CRE trends to revitalize shopping centers and adapt to changing consumer preferences:


Global, Quality Data

Azira specializes in providing high-quality insights into people and places across the globe. Azira refines and transforms raw data inputs into valuable insights through rigorous data sourcing and cleansing. With our expertise and advanced processes explored in this eBook, we unlock the true potential of data, turning it into a powerful tool that drives success and uncovers new opportunities.

Privacy and Transparency

Azira prioritizes privacy-by-design while ensuring compliance with global regulations and thoroughly vetting each customer's use case to prevent misuse. By adhering to international data protection standards, securing sensitive data through encryption, and respecting user preferences, Azira future-proofs your organization in a changing regulatory climate.


Data Science

Accurate insights are vital for informed decisions, but data quality is often a challenge. Azira addresses this with data science technology such as anomaly detection, traffic estimation, high-quality models, and audience segmentation. With Azira's focus on cutting-edge processes, organizations gain reliable insights for better decision-making.

Finding the right data partner

The data industry is difficult to navigate, but Azira rises to the challenge by focusing on high-quality data, privacy & transparency, and advanced data science techniques. By leveraging a platform with the right priorities, organizations can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve on quality control and user protections. 

Explore the Consumer Behavior Data Platform Checklist

Learn what questions you should ask to evaluate a new data vendor. Does your evaluation criteria include


Quality Assurance

achieved through data preparation,
validation, cleansing, bias analysis,
and quality monitoring?


to global privacy & compliance
regulations, as well as international
data transportation standards?


of automated anomaly detection and
other advanced methods to ensure
accuracy and reliability?


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