Over the past couple of years, shopping centers have faced headwinds ranging from post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior, to inflation, to record high numbers of vacant anchor tenant spaces. As a result, shopping centers have been forced to re-strategize and reinvent themselves in new and creative ways to meet the needs of the market.

Which shopping centers are coming out on top? Join us for Reinventing the Future of Shopping Centers: 3 Timely Trends To Thrive Today  on demand to learn:

  • Innovative tips (and examples) of shopping centers maximizing mixed-use developments, diversifying into healthcare, and prioritizing unique experiences 
  • How companies like yours are using consumer behavior data insights to identify customer profiles, get visitor and market insights, and select the right sites to better serve their customers
  • Tips for getting started with consumer behavior data insights from B.I. Spatial and Directory of Major Malls/ShoppingCenters.com



Tama Shor

President, Directory of Major Malls/ ShoppingCenters.com


Keith Seard

Director of Business Operations & Strategy, B.I. Spatial


Kristina Tipton

Director of Content & Market Research, Azira