Consumer behaviors have shifted significantly over the last couple of years forcing all restaurant players in the industry to innovate and rapidly evolve in their fight to survive.

There simply is no single dining experience anymore, and restaurants must adapt to this new range of options and conveniences that consumers have come to expect.


In this report, we survey diners across generational lines to discover their dining habits, preferences, and loyalties. We also combine those results with consumer behavior data - location data collected from opted-in mobile phones, to get a unique glimpse into people’s dining patterns, and answer questions including:

  • Are people dining again?
  • How can restaurants respond?
  • What exactly is the future of restaurant dining?
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This report highlights the top five trends for restaurants:

  • Dining out and going all out
  • Takeout and delivery are here to stay
  • Embracing digital and other innovative restaurant options
  • The importance of loyalty programs
  • Generational differences in dining tends

Download our report to discover the future of restaurant dining including who today’s diners are, where they eat, how often, and how far they’re willing to travel to eat!