The State of Global
Consumer Behavior Data

Data-driven leaders at top organizations are increasingly leveraging intel from consumer behavior to drive business decisions across a wide range of use cases - from visitor insights and customer profiles to competitive intelligence and inventory planning.

In our new survey, we uncovered how consumer behavior data is being used to change business strategy. To view the results, check out the report.  

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In the State of Global Consumer Behavior Data, we cover:



data leaders are turning
data into better business


their biggest challenges
are as they do so


goals and plans they
are prioritizing in the
coming year

About the Study

To find the answers to these questions and more, Azira partnered with Hanover Research to survey 590 global data and operational leaders working in the retail, restaurants, commercial real estate, and travel & hospitality industries. 

What Are the Key Findings?

Azira and Hanover examined the ways in which consumer behavior data is used to make business decisions to address challenges and assess sentiment about the state of the industry. Here are the key findings, presented in more detail throughout the report.


1. Changing consumer behavior is significantly impacting business strategy

Our survey revealed that a majority of data & operations leaders (59.8%) say that changes in consumer behavior have caused their organization to rethink business strategy in the past year. 

2. Consumer behavior data is critical for business decisions

In light of the continued evolution of consumer behavior, 77.5% of data leaders agree consumer behavior data is critical for business decisions. A majority also report wanting to access more consumer behavior data, and are planning to use more in the coming year.


3. Many teams are still falling short in using data for decision-making

Organizations face several hurdles to making use of their data, with top challenges including finding sources of high quality data, technical challenges of blending data, and generally figuring out how to make the data actionable. 

4. Data leaders are using consumer behavior data for 3 use cases on average

Despite the challenges, data leaders still report using consumer behavior data for 3 use cases. Top use cases include using it for visitor insights & customer profiles, followed by market research and location & store formatting and merchandising. 


5. Improving customer experience is the top focus for data leaders in 2023

While driving visitors to stores and growing online visits and sales were also top-of-mind, when asked which metric was their top priority in 2023, improving customer experience came out on top.


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