Consumer behavior has evolved and continues to evolve leaving many retailers scratching their heads and wondering: what do my shoppers really want? 

Today's most successful retailers are turning to data to build deeper customer relationships and better understand how they can adapt and respond to this new world of ever-changing consumer behavior. 

In newly released research, Near surveyed consumers on what products they want, where and how they want to shop, and more. We combined those results with powerful location data to get a unique glimpse into the top trends in retail, and winning data-driven strategies for increased customer loyalty and revenue.


Join us for this on-demand webinar as we discuss the findings and learn:

  • 5 top trends in retail and how they can impact your business
  • The importance of creating an interconnected customer experience between digital and physical touch-points
  • Winning strategies that successful brands have used in a challenging market
  • How you can use data to stay on top of rapidly changing consumer preferences



Kristina Tipton

Director of Market Research