Ever wondered how someone visiting your website or seeing your ad on TV translates into them actually visiting your destination? With the power of location intelligence, you can now connect the dots between marketing efforts and real-world impact.


But there's a lot more that goes into leveraging mobile location data before you can measure visitation from your efforts; building custom audiences based on real-world visitation and targeting people on the platforms they use are critical components of measuring attribution, and integral parts of using mobile location data.


Join Evan Saunders, VP of Global Travel & Hospitality Sales, and Laura Speicher, VP of Partner Success, to learn how you can maximize the potential of mobile location data - the same data you may already be getting from Azira - by using it for marketing efforts like:

  • Creating unique audiences
  • Media buying/advertising
  • Campaign measurement via real footfall attribution




Evan Saunders

VP of Global Travel & Hospitality Sales, Azira


Laura Speicher

VP of Partner Success, Azira