Consumer behavior data on foot traffic, demographics, online behaviors, lifestyle, and brand affinity is more than just a competitive leg up – it’s essential for businesses looking to get a deeper understanding of their customers and how they shop, dine, travel, and more.

However, 90% of decision-makers are bombarded with large amounts of consumer data from various sources, and turning raw data into actionable insights is easier said than done.


Join Cate Zovod, Azira’s VP of Product & Industry Marketing, and Chihiro Fukami, Azira’s Senior Director of Product, for this on-demand webinar around ensuring the consumer behavior data you’re getting is reliable, high quality, and privacy compliant. 


Watch to learn: 

  • The state of consumer behavior data
  • How to unlock accurate insights with consumer behavior data 
  • Criteria for evaluating consumer behavior data vendors 
  • Near’s three-pillared approach for data success: quality, privacy, and data science


cate-zovod (1)

Cate Zovod

VP of Product & Industry Marketing, 



Chihiro Fukami

Senior Director of Product, Azira