78% of data leaders agree consumer behavior data is critical for their team’s business decisions, however, many organizations struggle with how to use it well. 


In order to understand the state of global consumer behavior data, we partnered with Hanover Research to survey 590 data leaders to determine how this data is currently being used as well as future plans for this type of data intelligence. Join us for this on-demand webinar where we unveil the findings of this study and outline the benefits and challenges of using this data to better understand customers, predict future trends and eliminate risks. 


Watch to learn:

  • How you stack up against your peers in leveraging consumer behavior data
  • Why 60% of data leaders are rethinking business strategy due to changes in consumer behavior
  • How to use consumer behavior data to answer key questions to increase the chances of success
  • Which use cases data leaders are using consumer data for to drive key business metrics
  • How data leaders are overcoming challenges around evolving technologies and regulations, skill sets, and data silos



Kristina Tipton

Director of Market Research